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Faculty and Staff Federation of CCP

Since 1970, the Faculty and Staff Federation of Community College of Philadelphia (FSFCCP) has helped to make CCP a good place to work.  Thanks to the steady participation of its members in union activities, FSFCCP has been able to secure and defend some of the best community college employee contracts in the country.  Our members are divided into three bargaining units: Full-Time Faculty; Classified Employees; and Adjunct and Visiting Lecturer Faculty.  We are proud of our history of working together for three contracts.  We are affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers, AFT-Pennsylvania, and the AFL-CIO.

Non-CCP Email Addresses

Dear Members,
As we continue our negotiations struggle for three fair contracts across all bargaining units, we want to be able to ensure that we can communicate with all of our members about information and actions we may need you to take. Therefore, it is essential that we have your non-CCP alternative email address. As we have seen in other conflicts, it is possible for the administration to disrupt access to email. Additionally, it is just a best practice to communicate with members about negotiations through services other than Employer run ones. 
So even if you think we have your non-CCP email, please send it again so we can check it on our data base. You can do so by sending your name, your bargaining unit, and your non-CCP email to our office manager, Fatimah, at

Thank you for your cooperation.

Voter Registration Drive

Federation members are warmly invited to participate in our final push for voter registration on CCP’s campus this fall.

We will be working with the Federation’s partners at POWER (Philadelphians Organized to Witness, Empower, and Rebuild) to register students and others on CCP’s campus on every Thursday and Friday from 9:00 to 3:00.  The dates are Sept. 15 and 16, Sept. 22 and 23, Sept. 29 and 30, and Oct. 6 and 7.

Our goal is to empower our wider community of students, faculty and staff to have a voice in elections that affect our collective future.

Although we will not be advocating for any particular party or candidate in this registration drive, we will be working with POWER in asking voters to commit to supporting any candidates from any party who advocate full funding for schools, a living wage for workers ($15 in Philadelphia and $12 in Pennsylvania), and an end to mass incarceration.

Federation members who would like to sign up for a one-hour shift as part of this effort should contact the union office at The union will provide you with registration materials.

In addition, any members who would like to bring registration materials to their classes can pick them up in the union office, or can have them brought to regional campuses.

Faculty: General Education Assessment Request

Update: If you are a faculty member who was asked to do Gen Ed assessment, you are invited to attend a meeting this Thursday, September 22 in B1-07 from 3:30-5:00 to discuss the ways that withholding assessment data or not participating in assessment can be a part of our ongoing campaign to win fair contracts.  If you plan on attending this meeting, please let us know by writing the union office at   


Dear Faculty:

Many of us learned on August 28th that the administration planned to carry out a new assessment of competencies related to General Education this semester, and that our participation would be expected.  In August Faculty were randomly selected to assess Gen Ed outcomes this semester, and a hastily planned program of workshops was presented during Professional Development Week by the Office of Academic Assessment and Evaluation. Those of us who attended those workshops noted that the administration’s planning effort seemed rushed.

Now faculty have been asked to participate in further Gen Ed competency assessment workshops in September.

Federation leaders plan to request a meeting with the administration to address some of the unanswered questions about this assessment effort, including the following:

- Where does the requirement for assessment of General Education competency come from?

- How was it/ will it be decided which Gen Ed objectives are to be studied?

- What faculty leaders were consulted in setting up the current assessment? Were faculty on the Curriculum Assessment Team consulted?
- How was the timeline for completing the study determined?
- How were faculty or sections selected to be part of the assessment?

In the meantime, we suggest that faculty not attend training workshops or attempt to carry out this voluntary work at least until we have met with the administration and report back to you the results of our discussions. Faculty who are being compensated for this work should obviously continue to do it.

We think it is important to note the context of this request to participate in yet another task that goes beyond our contractual duties:  At the bargaining table the administration forcefully insists that our normal mandated full-time workload should be 15 credits, and not 12 as it has been for decades.  This is in a setting of increasing, not decreasing, demands that we do various kinds of extra work to prove that our teaching brings results. At the same time, the administration scoffs at our insistence that faculty leaders such as Curriculum Coordinators and Program Supervisors need guaranteed time off to lead their programs.  This new assessment effort, matched with the administration’s stance in negotiations, is symptomatic of a gulf that has developed between our respective understandings of a sustainable workload.

If you are one of the faculty members who have been asked to assess Gen Ed outcomes, please write to the union office at  Please tell us that you have been asked to do the Gen Ed assessment and let us know if you are complying with the Federation's request that for the time being you will not be attending training workshops or carrying out this voluntary work. 

Thank you for your support in solidifying our union's insistence on faculty input on all matters of educational quality, including the preservation of our 12-credit workload.

Meet Your Union Leaders!

Wondering who your union leaders are? The union's Executive Committee includes four General Officers as well as six Bargaining Unit Co-Chairs and three at-large members from Representative Council.  Watch the union's Executive Committee introduce themselves in our latest Federation News blog post

Ask an Adjunct: How does Seniority work?

Frequently asked questions about Seniority for Adjunct & VL Faculty


How does seniority work for Adjunct Faculty at CCP?

For every semester you work at the College you can earn one seniority unit, with a maximum of two seniority units per academic year. As long as you teach at least 23 contact hours or work 69 scheduled hours (for hourly employees), you earn a seniority unit. Details are spelled out in Article VII of the current Adjunct/VL contract.



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