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Faculty and Staff Federation of CCP

Since 1970, the Faculty and Staff Federation of Community College of Philadelphia (FSFCCP) has helped to make CCP a good place to work.  Thanks to the steady participation of its members in union activities, FSFCCP has been able to secure and defend some of the best community college employee contracts in the country.  Our members are divided into three bargaining units: Full-Time Faculty; Classified Employees; and Adjunct and Visiting Lecturer Faculty.  We are proud of our history of working together for three contracts.  We are affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers, AFT-Pennsylvania, and the AFL-CIO.

Legal Victory and 11/2 Board of Trustees Meeting

For the second time, President Generals and the Board have failed in their attempts to have the government declare that the faculty campaign to do only contractual work is an illegal “strike.”  The first time they were rebuffed by the Pennsylvania Labor Board.  Now their argument has been rejected by the Court of Common Pleas.  While President Generals and the Board continue to waste the College's money on legal actions that are summarily dismissed, we continue to try to negotiate in good faith to reach fair contracts that move the College forward.  Our student canvassing last week showed us that students understand that fair contracts for faculty and staff are part of high quality public college education.  In order to win good contracts, we need students, faculty and staff to demonstrate to Dr. Generals that we are united and will not settle a contract until his extreme demands go away.  Join us at the next board meeting on Thursday Nov 2 to show President Generals and the Board that they should invest in the people that make CCP work everyday and its students rather than fighting usRSVP to the Board action here.