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Faculty and Staff Federation of CCP

Since 1970, the Faculty and Staff Federation of Community College of Philadelphia (FSFCCP) has helped to make CCP a good place to work.  Thanks to the steady participation of its members in union activities, FSFCCP has been able to secure and defend some of the best community college employee contracts in the country.  Our members are divided into three bargaining units: Full-Time Faculty; Classified Employees; and Adjunct and Visiting Lecturer Faculty.  We are proud of our history of working together for three contracts.  We are affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers, AFT-Pennsylvania, and the AFL-CIO.

Commitment to Do Only Contractual Work FAQ

Faculty can sign the Statement of Resolve in Support of the Federation’s Commitment to Do Only Contractual Work here

On October 20, a meeting of both the Full-Time Faculty and Part-Time Faculty/Visiting Lecturer Bargaining Units made some decisions about the next steps in our contract campaign.  We hope that the Q&A below will help faculty better understand our current campaign and strategy. 


What kind of voluntary activity is the Federation asking faculty to stop doing?   
Faculty should only do contractual work until we secure three fair contracts, except for voluntary activities that meet any of the following criteria:
1) directly impact students;
2) would negatively impact faculty if we stopped doing it; or
3) is necessary for outside accrediting agencies for career and other academic programs.

For example, we support faculty in:

  • doing open houses and majors fairs
  • serving on hiring and award committees
  • completing the “Survey on Faculty Experiences and Engagement”
  • fulfilling their responsibilities on Standing Committees

What if I’m not sure if something I was asked to do fits in the above criteria or not?
If you have questions about whether you should continue to do any particular activity as part of this commitment to only do contractual work, contact the Federation leadership so that we can assess whether it falls into the categories above and communicate that to the entire membership.

What if I’m getting released or extended time, or a grant, to do specific work?
Faculty who are on released or extended time or who have received grants to do specific work must continue to do those activities, as they are being paid specifically for such work and thus it is not voluntary.

How do I say “no” to doing voluntary activities when I am asked to do it?
Below is some boilerplate language faculty can use when telling administrators that we will no longer be doing voluntary activities:
"Dear Administrator:
As part of the Federation’s campaign to secure fair contracts, I am not (no longer) going to do __________________.  When the contract dispute is resolved, I will gladly do this activity.
Thank you for understanding."

What are some examples of voluntary activities I should definitely not do? 
Faculty should refrain from participating in voluntary activities on everything having to do with Middle States including General Education Assessment, Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs), Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs), Program Audits and Course Revisions, as well as all voluntary activities for Guided Pathways.  Also, Counseling faculty should not participate in Student Orientation and Registration Sessions (SOARs) that are requested outside regular work hours. 

Should I complete the assessment task I’ve been asked to do, but refuse to turn it over to the administration until we get contracts?
No.  To refrain from doing something means not to do it; it does not mean that faculty should do it and then refuse to turn it over to the administration.

I’m a Full Time Faculty member in the English Department. Should I continue to participate in my teaching circle? 
Yes! Teaching circles are the way that you participate in official departmental evaluation.  What you should not do is any Student Learning Outcome (SLO) assessment as part of your teaching circle.  

Should I participate in Professional Development week in January 2017?
For the January 2017 PD Week, faculty should not submit proposals or present on topics that have to do with assessment.  Additionally, faculty should not attend the Keynote Speaker on Monday of PD Week, the Assessment Conference on Tuesday of PD Week, or any of the Guided Pathway talks.
Because the Monday and Tuesday of PD Week are work days, faculty should come to campus and work.  The Federation will be developing alternative experiences for faculty to participate in.  Faculty should continue to participate in Department Meetings and other meetings created by faculty for PD Week as they usually would. 

What else can I do to support this commitment to only do contractual work to help us win fair contracts?  
We are asking all faculty to sign onto this Statement of Resolve in Support of the Federation’s Commitment to Do Only Contractual Work.  We realize that when faculty decide to only do contractual work, it can be difficult to feel that we are taking collective action, even though we are all part of a campaign to win fair contracts.  Our hope is that as many individual faculty sign onto this Statement of Resolve, our campaign will be more clearly a collective act.